Our Factory Setup

CEM Electromech Pvt Ltd is an Electronic Manufacturing Solution company Established in 2008 based in Pune, India. The basic idea of this venture is to provide complete manufacturing solutions to wide industry segments with New product design support and manufacturing Solution under one roof.


  • Total Plant Area 7000 Sq. Ft
  • Static Dissipative Flooring for ESD Safe environment
  • Separate Line for Proto assembly
  • Four seperate Assembly Lines as per product demand
  • Design & Development support
  • Separate Mechanical set-up
  • 12 mil pitch assembly capability with 0402 size chip component assy.
  • SMD rework station and temperature controlled solder stations.
  • Capable of providing products with ROHS compliance
  • Generator backup for un-interrupted operations


  • Radial lead cutting machine for thru hole components
  • Fine Pitch component assembly
  • Component Screening
  • Module Assembly and Integration
  • Functional / Electrical Test jigs & fixtures
  • Product Burn-In racks(specific to customer requirement)
  • Test Jigs and fixtures for Component Screening
  • Semi Automated Assembly line
  • Semi Automatic Solder Stencil Printing / Glue printing
  • 3 Zone Solder Reflow Oven with precision temperature control
  • Dual Wave Soldering machine for through hole and mixed Component assembly

Assembly & other capabilities

  • High Temperature Oven for Burn-in tests
  • SMD Assembly –Fine Pitch QFN components and 0402size components. Capacity – 100000 comp./day
  • Through hole Assembly –Separate line for Tin-Lead & ROHS assembly. Capacity – 1500 PCB’s day
  • Mixed assemblies – SMT + Discrete assembly . Double sided SMT assembly
  • Electro-mechanical Assembly– System or Subsystem level assembly and integration of products
  • Customized Testing – Test Jig development &Testing as per customer requirements to suit the product and applications
  • Certification testing for Product standards as per Automotive product requirements